Stranger Things PS4 Game Announced for PSVR

Stranger Things PS4 Game Announced for PSVR - Stranger Things Joyce Jonathan Nancy christmas lights

With the hype and critical acclaim surrounding its second season, it's safe to say that Netflix's original series Stranger Things is quickly becoming one of the most popular shows on the streaming service. The popularity of Stranger Things has seen the show extend its shadowy tendrils into the world of video games, with a number of gaming projects announced. The latest Stranger Things gaming project is a new release for PlayStation VR called Stranger Things: The VR Experience.

Stranger Things: The VR Experience has been announced in a brief teaser trailer that is light on details. The trailer teases that the game is coming "soon," but an exact release date is nowhere to be found. It's also unclear if the game will be available for other virtual reality headsets, or if it will be exclusive to PlayStation VR.

We know that the game will allow users to experience the Upside Down, a twisted mirror version of the sleepy town of Hawkins, Indiana where the show is set, and if the teaser is any indication, it will likely take place during the events of the first season. After all, the Christmas lights seen in the trailer were used by Winona Ryder's character Joyce Byers in the first season as a way to communicate with her missing son, Will. Of course, it's possible that the game will also feature events and characters that weren't introduced until the second season as well.

Even though details on Stranger Things: The VR Experience remain scarce, it has potential to be the most ambitious Stranger Things video game project to date. In the past, we've seen the show represented in other titles in crossovers, like the recently revealed Face Your Fears DLC as well as the Stranger Things skin pack for Minecraft.

There is also the Stranger Things mobile game to take into account. Released for free as a way to advertise the second season, the Stranger Things mobile game features an SNES-era art style and allows players to control characters from the show like police chief Jim Hopper as well as the core cast of boys.

The playable characters for Stranger Things: The VR Experience and additional gameplay details should come to light as we near its release. Fans of Stranger Things should stay tuned for more information on that front in the weeks to come.

Stranger Things: The VR Experience is in development for PlayStation VR.

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