GR Pick: 8-Bit Stranger Things Game


The folks at 8-bit Cinema create a short teaser for an 8-bit Stranger Things game, following the show's main characters through the series' unique storyline.

Those who have seen Netflix’s latest hit, Stranger Things, are aware of the show’s 1980’s setting and pop culture references from the era. With so much nostalgia bubbling up for many fans of the '80s, it should please some to see the team at 8-bit Cinema transform the popular show into an 8-bit game, or at least the vision of one.

The NES-style depiction of the Stranger Things story is unique and fun, and brings an eerie feeling. The four-minute video hits on all the main events of the Netflix series, so those who haven’t yet seen all eight episodes should probably avoid the below video, as it’s filled with plenty of spoilers.

Those who have seen the show and are hungry for more Stranger Things, this is definitely the best place to find it. The short gameplay video opens with the iconic Stranger Things theme song, made even more endearing in chiptunes. Following the opening, viewers are greeted by the opening scene from the show, and are swiftly tossed into the action following Will, one of the show’s main characters.


After Will is captured by the alien creature and pulled to the Upside Down, his friends set out to find him, but instead discover Eleven, the show’s telekinetic mystery character. As the characters move along, they discover and collect items, storing them in slots as one would in many classic 8-bit games.

The game’s intelligent depiction of Stranger Things’ big events is entertaining and insightful. Those who are fans of the show and classic NES and SEGA games will likely need to watch the video multiple times to absorb the many references to the show and '80s setting.

At the end of the Stranger Things 8-bit game, Eleven takes on the Upside Down final monster, sacrificing herself to save her friends. But, just as in the show, viewers are left with a send-off that hints at a return of the psychokinetic wonder girl in a follow up season.


Unfortunately, the 8-bit Stranger Things game doesn’t offer any actual gameplay for gamers. Perhaps, though, a developer will capitalize on the unique setting, story, and 80s gaming references and build a playable Stranger Things game. This could even be a great option for Telltale Games, though the developer is already swamped with its upcoming titles.

For now, gamers will simply have to enjoy the short video, along with a second and third viewing of Stranger Things. If all goes well, fans of the show won’t have to wait too long before Netflix delivers a second, highly-anticipated season.

What do you think about 8-bit Cinema’s Stranger Things game? Would you like to see the show make it to PC and consoles?

Source: YouTube 8-bit Cinema

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