Stranger Things Mobile Game Released For Free

Stranger Things Mobile Game Released For Free - Stranger Things cast

Stranger Things, the popular Netflix show that pays homage to a number of 80s films, is just a few weeks away from its second season premiere on October 27th. For fans of the show that can't wait for the next season, an official mobile game has been released to help pass the time. Android and iOS users can now download Stranger Things: The Game completely free of charge on their device of choice.

Stranger Things: The Game is a rarity in that it is truly free to play with no strings attached and no microtransactions. The game sports 16-bit graphics and is an adventure game that seems to be set during the events of the first season of the show. It starts with players controlling the alcoholic police chief Jim Hopper as he attempts to locate the young boys that serve as the main protagonists of the Netflix series.

As Hopper locates the boys, players can take control of them and utilize their special abilities to further the plot. While the game's plot doesn't seem to extend into the events of season 2, those that manage to beat it will unlock a special clip that serves as a sneak peak of what to expect from Stranger Things' second season when it hits Netflix on October 27th.

Since Stranger Things: The Game is completely free to play, there is really no reason for fans of the show not to check it out for themselves. For those that remain unconvinced, however, it's worth noting that Stranger Things: The Game has enjoyed a largely positive reception so far, with an impressive 4.9 star rating on the Google Play Store at the time of this writing.

If this project earns enough attention, perhaps we will see more Stranger Things video games release, maybe even for consoles instead of mobile platforms. After all, there seems to be an appetite for Stranger Things video game content, as we've seen a couple of impressive fan projects in the past connect the series to games. This has included a video showing a classic LucasArts-style adventure game based on the show as well as a video recreating Stranger Things with 8-bit graphics.

Whether or not more Stranger Things video games are released remains to be seen, but this new mobile game is a good start. At the very least, it should give fans of the show something to do while they wait for season 2 to premiere at the end of the month.

Stranger Things: The Game is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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