Rebellion is a developer that rarely has trouble calling back to days gone by, as shown by the recent release of the impressive Sniper Elite 4. However, with its most recent project the studio is heading back into the 1930s, this time through the launch of a title known as Strange Brigade.

The game itself will throw players back into a pre-World War 2 British Empire, to some of the most remote areas of the world. There, Strange Brigade will task players with uncovering some mysterious lost civilizations, hunting through tombs and taking on enemies along the way. Some of these foes are more than a minor challenge though, as the player must best a variety of mythological beasts released by a revived Egyptian witch queen.

Thankfully, those who play Strange Brigade will not have to do this alone. Instead, after taking on the role of one of four members of the Brigade itself, users will then be able to team up in co-operative play to put a stop to the supernatural threat. Those interested in seeing more can do so by watching the reveal trailer below.

It’s certainly an interesting premise, both in terms of the pulp fiction adventure setting and the co-operative gameplay aspect. In particular, those after a co-op fix waiting for a follow-up to Left 4 Dead after the disappointment of Evolve will no doubt be looking to keep an eye on this one as it develops; after all, it could be just the title to fill that gap in the market.

Although the game certainly seems to take a very different path from Rebellion’s cult Sniper Elite games, with no doubt much less of an emphasis on patience and stealth, Strange Brigade will hopefully once more allow Rebellion to showcase its versatility as a video game developer. After all, the studio has taken on the challenge of a variety of game genres over the years, such as the acclaimed original Aliens vs. Predator.

For now, though, gamers will no doubt have to wait and see exactly what Rebellion has planned when it comes to Strange Brigade. For one thing, the game is set to be at E3 2017, so any fans of the developer will be able to have a look at the title there for a better idea on how it’s shaping up.

Strange Brigade does not currently have a release date, but will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.