Several Nintendo fans create a Mario stop motion video starring the plumber himself, using a veritable pile of Rubik’s Cubes to create the frame-by-frame production.

When Mario made his landmark appearance in the self-titled Super Mario Bros. in 1985, it didn’t take long for the intrepid plumber to become a staple character in Nintendo’s first party roster. As one of the gaming industries oldest veterans, it’s not often he gets combined with a gaming item older than he is – but that’s exactly what a few Nintendo fans did in a video which recently made waves online. Utilizing a small fortune in Rubik’s Cubes, fans of Mario were able to create a neat stop motion production reminiscence of the old Super Mario games.

The video, which can be seen below, shows two Rubik’s Cube enthusiasts assembling several of the cubes to make pixel art resembling the older Mario brother. Once the duo assembled a frame, they would then change several of the cubes to match what would be the next frame of animation within the game itself. The end result shows Rubik’s Cube Mario running along an imaginary level, and the entire video is capped off in a pretty creative way to show off the congratulations screen:

Mario fans seem to have reacted positively to the video, although some have pointed out that the invincible star music is playing when Rubik’s Cube Mario gets hurt by the Goomba. While it may not be an entirely accurate representation of the game, there’s no denying that the fans behind the film found a very creative way to produce the stop motion video.

Mario has been a busy man of late, appearing on iOS devices all over the world in Super Mario Run. The application has been downloaded by over 3 million users, and even the iPhone voice companion Siri has chimed in on the craze. Nintendo also gave a slight glimpse at the new Nintendo Switch Mario title, which appears as if it might feature open-world gameplay. The Big N has refrained from releasing more information about the mysterious Mario title, but as the release of the Nintendo Switch approaches we expect more information will eventually find its way forth.

This is far from the first time Nintendo fans have curated content for the classic plumber, and gamers interested in seeing some more unusual content can check out an actual Mario corn maze, or even witness a hamster clearing a Super Mario level. In about three years, fans will also be able to travel to a Nintendo-themed Universal Studios Theme Park to visit the plumber in person, though they’ll certainly have to spend some coin to do so.

What do you think about the Stop Motion Mario video, Ranters?

The Rubik’s Cube is available everywhere as a handheld device.