When Modern Warfare 2’s Stimulus Package released at the end of last month, two important groups of gamers were left out: PC and PS3 players.  Well, guys, it’s almost time to join the party.  Today Activision announced that the Stimulus Package will be coming to the PC and PS3 on May 4th, 2010.  (PS3 players in Australia and the EU will have to hold out until the 5th.)

Riddled in controversy, mired in competition, and beset with technical difficulties, Modern Warfare 2’s Stimulus Package took it all in stride, racking up an astonishing amount of sales on the Xbox 360.  I can’t imagine things will be any different on PS3 or PC.

Once more, just for the kids in the back of the class: the Stimulus Package features a total of five multiplayer maps.  Bailout, Salvage, and Storm are brand new areas, while Crash and Overgrown are remakes of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare maps.

At this point, I would normally ask how many of you are planning on buying-in to the Stimulus Package, but — this being Modern Warfare 2, and me knowing that you’re all going to buy it — maybe I’d be better off asking something else.  Like, how do you feel about having to wait a month longer to play these maps than your Xbox 360-owning friends?

Modern Warefare 2’s Stimulus Package for the PS3 and PC will be available May 4th, 2010.  PS3 players in the EU and Australia join the conflict on May 5th.