Steven Spielberg Developing 'Halo' Film Based on Novels

Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks Making Halo Film Based On Novels

With Halo: Reach standing tall as the biggest entertainment launch of 2010 (so far), it seems like a no-brainer that the property would spawn a couple of movies. While knowledgeable fans might remember that a project was in the works way back in 2006, this new Halo film would not draw inspiration from the video game, but would take on a powerful producer in the form of one Mr. Steven Spielberg.

Dreamworks, Spielberg’s production company, has picked up the rights to the most popular aspect of the Halo franchise, the novelizations. Wait, what? Okay, so the novelizations of the game franchise aren’t exactly the most prized pieces of canon associated with the property, but they make for a very enticing loophole for the suits at Dreamworks. Instead of muddying themselves with the legal fiasco that is the film rights to the Halo video game, Dreamworks has decided to instead option the rights to the novelizations in order to get a film going a lot faster than Peter Jackson, Fox, and Universal were able to. And please, Dreamworks, watch this trailer first:


As one of the most successful film directors ever, and a proponent of both video games and the sci-fi genre, Spielberg seems like the perfect guy to bring us some Halo-based story. Say what you will about the second film, but Transformers, succeeded largely based on two facts: it came from a wildly established and popular property, and it had a brilliant mind carefully guiding it like an accomplished sailor navigates a dangerous reef. It is my belief that with Spielberg at the helm of this film, no matter what the capacity, there is the potential for both a great story and a film that will appeal to a large audience.

What do you think about a Halo film that is based on the novelizations rather than the game? What stories would you like to see told from the Halo universe?

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Source: Vulture (via Screen Rant)

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