If you’re a fan of Paradox Interactive and always wanted a Crusader Kings or Europa UniversalisIn Space” now’s your chance with next Monday’s releasing Stellaris. The game officially launches on May 9th at 1PM ET next week on Steam.

Stellaris will only cost you $39.99 vs. the usual $59.99 we’ve grown used to with new releases, and if you know where to look (which is just a little further down below), you’ll be able to save on pre-ordering Steam copies of Stellaris too. This week, GMG has a 25% off deal on Stellaris, which drops the price to only $29.99 – a full $10 cheaper than Steam Store. The same 25% discount also works on the more expensive Nova and Galaxy Editions.

Use code: DEALZON25

The coupon code at GMG has a limited time run. In fact, it ends Friday, May 13th at 11AM Eastern time (giving you a few hour windows before the eventual 1PM ET release). After launch, we expect the 25% off code to be null and you’ll have to resort to smaller discounts. If you’re not playing Day 1, we wouldn’t bother with the pre-order deal.

Stellaris Pre-order Bonus

Paradox Interactive is literally sending your name “into space” if you pre-order this game. And by “literally” space we actually mean they are slapping your name on a Weather Balloon which will be sent to the upper stratosphere (close enough to actual space of sorts). There’s also a few other more tangible digital goodies like a Blorg Forum Avatar, Mobile Ringtones, and more importantly the “Creatures of the Void” DLC pack.

Standard v Nova v Galaxy Editions

Which edition should you pick up depends on how deep you like to engulf yourself into the games universe. For the most part, the Nova and Galaxy don’t get you much in the way of key DLC content but do offer more cosmetic option and game lore.

The Nova Edition gets you everything in the Standard Edition plus the original Soundtrack (MP3 file), a Nova Forum icon, and an Exclusive Alien Race. If you’d like to conquer the galaxy as a Spider race, this is your DLC as the exclusive alien race will have an arachnid design.

The Galaxy Edition gets you everything in the Nova plus a Stellaris Novel by Seven Savile, Digital Collector’s Book, Signed Wallpaper, a unique forum avatar for the Paradox forums, and a Galaxy Forum Icon. The Novel is an eBook and like everything else arrives digitally (no physical content).

If none of this sounds attractive, you can skip all the frills and simply pick up the Standard Edition of Stellaris for $30 with the deal listed above.

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