Steep Multiplayer Trailer and Season Pass Details Revealed


Ubisoft releases information about Steep's multiplayer features and character customization in a new trailer, along with details about the game's Season Pass.

As Ubisoft’s major Watch Dogs 2 marketing push nears its end, the publisher’s extreme sports title, Steep, is ramping up its marketing. In the last month, Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Steep and information about the upcoming open beta, where gamers will have a chance to take on the slopes and skies of the game.

Today, Ubisoft released a new trailer for Steep, which provides details about the game’s multiplayer features and character customization. Ubisoft also released a few details about the game’s Season Pass alongside the new trailer.

The five-minute video gives players a taste for the competition and action players can expect in Steep, especially when taking on their friends in death-defying feats of extreme winter sports.In the trailer, Ubisoft’s Chris Watters chats with Steep’s game designer, Arnaud Ragot, about Steep’s multiplayer and customization offerings.


Multiplayer in Steep

According to Ragot, Steep players will have to primary ways of competing with their friends. The first will be to play solo, completing activities in the game for each of the extreme sports. As players complete events, their times will be shared with friends as challenges. Once a friend is able to beat a player’s time, the original player will be sent a notification letting them know their friend has set a new record.

The other way gamers can enjoy multiplayer in Steep is by taking each other on side-by-side. Players can group up with up to three friends and go head-to-head in any of Steep’s treacherous activities. Players will be able to see each other while racing, and can even collide with each other either accidentally or intentionally, and alter the outcome of the race.

Along with the set races in the game, Steep players can also create their own runs in the beautiful open world map, and challenge their friends to complete the activities they create. It seems Ubisoft is hoping players will use this as a way to challenge each other and keep each other playing the game, as they seek out the most difficult runs they can find in the game.

Character Customization

Steep Beta Date

Another form of competition in Steep, according to Watters, is the player customization. Players will have a full range of clothes and gear to choose from, allowing them numerous styles and methods of expression while playing the game. Outfits can be unlocked by completing certain challenges, so as players unlock rare outfits, they’ll be able to show them off to their friends in the game.

Ragot also mentioned a little Easter Egg within Steep during the trailer. Apparently some of the helmets will have the ability to create unique shouts at the push of a button. The feature will undoubtedly make for some comical moments in the game, especially when playing with friends.

Steep Season Pass

The Season Pass for Steep will give players access to three DLC packs, each of which will provide new activities and character costumes. Additionally, players who pick up the Season Pass instead of purchasing the DLCs separately will receive a snowman outfit, some helicopter tickets to reach rare destinations quickly, and 10,000 Steep Credits at launch for purchasing costumes and gear.

The three DLC packs are detailed below:

  • Winter Fest Pack introduces the winter sled and puts players’ skills to the test with its new array of challenges. It will also offers fun new exclusive costumes.
  • Extreme Pack adds three new exhilarating sports: rocket wings, base jumping and speed gliding. New exclusive costumes will also be part of the Extreme Pack.
  • Adrenaline Pack includes the Moonlight Pack, featuring 3 unique night-time challenges and equipment packs for players to show off their style while shining in the dark, along with new costumes, new outfits, new boards and wingsuits.

Those who aren’t yet sure about Steep can take part in the game’s open beta, which kicks off tomorrow and runs through November 14th. While only a part of the game will be available during the beta, it should be enough for players to get a taste for the game and decide if it’s something worth picking up.

What do you think about Steep’s multiplayer and customization features? Are you planning to pick up the game and Season Pass?

Steep is set to release December 2, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Ubi Blog,

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