Steep DLC and Season Pass Details


Ubisoft releases a new trailer detailing the Season Pass and DLC information for Steep, less than 24 hours before the extreme winter sports game hits retail.

Ubisoft's extreme winter sports simulator Steep hits stores on Friday and now the publisher has one last bit of marketing info for gamers to digest before they hit the slopes. Ubisoft released a new video earlier today announcing details for Steep's DLC and Season Pass.

There are at least three different DLC packs coming down the pipeline for the title, adding a variety of new costumes, challenges, and events to the game. Gamers who purchase the Season Pass will receive all three packs, as well as three additional Season Pass bonuses. Some of these details were previously announced alongside a multiplayer trailer a few weeks ago, but this new video is the first time gamers can see some of the DLC content in action.


The Season Pass bonuses are 10,000 Steep Credits, 10 Helicopter Tickets, and the Snowman costume - all of which will be made available immediately to anyone who purchases the Season Pass, starting tomorrow. Ubisoft didn't reveal any specific release dates for the upcoming DLC packs, but provided details about what each one will include.

Steep DLC

The Adrenaline Pack will include three additional outfits: the Woodcutter, Crystalline and the Classic White Wingsuit. The Adrenaline Pack will also introduce night challenges and glow-in-the-dark costumes to the game.

The Winterfest Pack will offer new challenges, a new Sport (Winter Sled) and will introduce a few "Fun" costumes, including a Sumo wrestling outfit and a Pizza Wingsuit.

Finally, the Extreme Pack will expand the game with three new Sports: Rocket Wings, Base Jump and Speed Gliding. Additional challenges will also be added.

The base game without the Season Pass will retail for the usual $59.99, with the Gold Edition of the game, which includes the pass, going for a $20 premium at $79.99. It's unclear at this point if those who purchase the base version of the game will be able to upgrade to gold for $20 or if they will be stuck buying each DLC as they release. It's worth noting that a new page on Microsoft's website for the game says that the Season Pass is "available only as part of a bundle," which may imply that gamers who want the Season Pass need to buy the Gold Edition up front. We'll find out for sure tomorrow.

Steep's release comes a few weeks after Ubisoft held two different open betas for the title, following a closed beta that was held earlier this year. Let's hope those who played the title early provided Ubisoft with the information needed to squash any potential bugs before release day.

Steep releases December 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Gamespot

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