SteelSeries Dorm Days Contest Details

College life is filled with any number of fun and entertaining first-time activities: the intellectual growth, the broadening of social horizons and above all else: learning how hold your liquor. Though, for most freshmen, that have been settling into their new digs, the dorm could potentially be the worst part of the collegiate experience.

That’s why SteelSeries is here to help make it all better, and liven the place up a little.

The men and women behind tech like the Shift Keyboard and the World of Warcraft Legendary mouse have issued a challenge to all the gamers out there (the ones living in the most disgusting and/or tiny dorm rooms) to show just how unattractive their digs are – with the promise that the devs will make everything a little better. It may not help with your studies, but it may make passing some of those lonely, cold nights a little more bearable.

The Grand Prize winner will get a 32” flatscreen with an Xbox 360 to boot, a MSI gaming laptop, a 6-month subscription to GameFly, and a SteelSeries Gear Package to finish the day. First Place won’t walk away empty-handed either, with a month of GameFly to keep them company, a World of Warcraft Collector’s Edition, and the SteelSeries Gear Package to finish it all off.

Here’s how it works: anyone who thinks they have the worst dorm in the hall, just needs to snap a photo and post it to SteelSeries’ Facebook page – between now and October 20th. From there, SteelSeries will pick five of the most depressing pictures – and will then let the rest of the Internet decide the Grand Prize winner (and First Place runner-up). Voting will end on the 28th – with winners announced on the 1st of November.

Really, for a single picture of a person’s depravity… it’s not a bad haul. Considering the lackluster accommodations at some schools, there could be some stiff competition.

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