A Steam user by the name of PalmDesert hits the much-wanted Steam level of 1000, accumulating an impressive 5,029 games on the platform along the way.

It’s fair to say that Steam has changed the way in which gamers are able to access the titles of their choice. The digital distribution platform is now for many the go-to system for PC gaming, providing a quick and easy way for users to purchase titles. Although many have found themselves easily tempted by the games available, it turns out that one Steam user in particular has managed to put together a giant game library.

The user in question is PalmDesert, and this gamer has a Steam library that puts most others to shame. As it stands, PalmDesert, who is from Tokyo, Japan, has a whopping 5,029 games through the distribution platform, along with 3,372 items of DLC. This actually stands at over half of all games available on the entirety of Steam.

It’s no surprise, then, to see that PalmDesert has accrued a rather hefty Steam level through this gigantic library. Indeed, the user is officially the first Steam user to reach a Steam level of 1,000, and currently sits at level 1,060. With over 3,000 badges to his name, PalmDesert is clearly a force to be reckoned with – particularly at Left 4 Dead 2, accruing an intimidating 943 hours of playtime.


Alongside this, PalmDesert is clearly a fan of Rocksmith 2014, gaining over 520 hours of playtime, with Ultra Street Fighter IV sitting only a little further behind at  528 hours. It’s not only playing or owning these games that makes up a user’s Steam level, however. As well as this, buying and selling trading cards and badges makes up a large portion of a user’s level, as well as participating in events on the platform.

Although PalmDesert is currently top of the Steam user rankings, he does have some contenders to the crown. In fact, the UK’s StrikeR has also recently hit level 1000, sitting at the tantalizingly close score of 1,013. Also able to access a library of games that surpasses 5,000, StrikeR has spent an incredible 1809 hours playing Valve’s multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2 – although this has not quite been enough to push the user into the top spot.

Those aiming to join these upper echelons of Steam level currently have a good place to jump off from. Valve’s summer Steam sale has already begun, and will run up until Monday, July 4. However, users hunting after PalmDesert’s top spot would have to make a major investment into the digital distribution service to make a dent in that incredible Steam level.

Source: Steam (via Kotaku)

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