Steam Summer Sale 2019 Dates Leak

steam summer sale 2019 dates leak

Every year, Steam hosts a special Summer Sale where it offers significant discounts on its vast library of PC games. Valve has yet to officially announce the details for this year's Steam Summer Sale, but as usual, the Steam Summer Sale 2019 dates and start time have already been leaked.

While plans could change, it seems safe for Steam users to mark Tuesday, June 25, 2019 on their calendars as the Steam Summer Sale 2019 start date. The sale will reportedly begin at 10am PST and last for two weeks, meaning it should wrap on Tuesday, July 9. Again, Valve itself has yet to confirm these details, but past Steam Summer Sale leaks have typically been accurate.

As for what games will be discounted when the Steam Summer Sale 2019 goes live, that remains to be seen. Basically any video game, even brand new releases, are on the table. However, Steam usually uses its big sales to discount blockbuster games from past years; for example, Steam Summer Sale 2018 discounted games like Fallout 4, Final Fantasy 15, and Grand Theft Auto 5. Considering this, it seems likely that Steam users can look forward to some of 2018's biggest games to be discounted during the Steam Summer Sale 2019 at the very least.

More details on discounted games for the Steam Summer Sale 2019 should come to light as we near the event's start date. Speculation points to this year's Steam Summer Sale 2019 deals possibly being even better than usual, as Steam is facing some serious competition for the first time ever in the form of the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games has used the Epic Games Store to get timed-exclusivity for some big games, including the likes of Metro Exodus and Borderlands 3. With Valve losing triple-A games to the Epic Games Store, it stands to reason that the company has even more incentive to offer big discounts in order to keep users on the Steam platform.

Meanwhile, it's likely that Valve will run some other promotions alongside the Steam Summer Sale 2019 event as it's done in the past. More details on that front should come to light as we near the Steam Summer Sale 2019 start date of June 25.

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