A leak shared on Reddit suggests that the Steam Summer Sale 2016 begins slashing the prices of PC games on June 23 and runs through the Fourth of July holiday.

Steam’s seasonal sales are always a joyous occasion, in which gamers are given the opportunity to open their wallets and purchases dozen of PC games at a deep discount. Many of those games collect digital dust in the library and are rarely, if ever, actually played, but the winter and summer sales are still incredibly exciting to watch and it’s hard to pass up some of the high quality games that are offered at insane discounts. Although the official dates for the summer sale haven’t been confirmed yet, a recent leak offers an early sneak peek at the sale window.

A reddit user, MrFreemanBBQ, managed to snag a screenshot of what appears to be a confidential communication within Valve. The message explains that the time frame for the Summer Sale 2016 will start on June 23 and run through July 4. Part of the message is in Russian, but it doesn’t make much translating to get the gist.

Here’s a look at the screenshot captured and shared by MrFreemanBBQ…

steam summer sale dates leak

Assuming this message is the real deal, it clearly was not meant to be shared with the public (the word ‘confidential’ usually makes that pretty clear). That said, MrFreemanBBQ actually has a pretty solid record of accurately leaking this kind of information on Reddit. It’s impossible to say for sure if it’s legit until Steam releases the official information, but preparing your wallet for June 23 seems like a good plan. The Summer Sale got Valve in some trouble last year, so we expect details to be very clear this time around.

It wasn’t all that long ago that the Steam Winter Sale was accidentally spoiled by PayPal, so Valve hasn’t had the best of luck with it comes to pulling off surprises lately. Whether the sale comes as a surprise or not, it seems highly likely that it will be as successful as ever and PC gamers will spend the week happily handing over cash for games.

More exciting than the dates of the summer sale will be the lineup of games. Many PC gamers skip over AAA releases during their first six months or so with the hope that they can score the titles at a deep discount during one of the major sales. Enough time has passed since the fall 2015 releases that some of those titles will likely show up in the next sale, so hopefully some of last year’s best titles seen a revival in a month or so.

What games are you hoping to see listed when when the Steam Summer Sale kicks off? Let us know in the comments.

No official date has been confirmed for the upcoming Steam Summer Sale.

Source: Reddit

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