Steam Stat Page Shows Large Amount of Refund Requests


Valve has launched a new tracker that shows how well it's handling support requests that come into the company each day. It turns out Valve receives around 75,000 requests per day, most of which pertain to the company’s refund policy.

The new support tracker was announced via a blog post on the Steam website. Along with the announcement, Valve describes the improvements made in its support efforts, along with its efforts to continue improving support going forward. The post says:

As of today you can see that we receive somewhere around 75,000 help requests per day. We currently end up with around 8,000 requests waiting for responses at most times. We’ve worked hard to expand our staffing and to improve our support processes to get to this point. You can see on our graph that earlier this year we had more than 50,000 requests as our backlog which meant that we had nearly a full day worth of requests waiting for answers at any given point in time. Our goal going forward is to keep the backlog of requests shrinking and to be able to respond to all requests as quickly as possible.

Steam Tracker

That’s a healthy goal, and one that gamers will surely appreciate. This kind of transparency is good for multiple reasons. First, it shows concrete evidence of the effort Valve is putting into resolving concerns and improving its support services. The second is that it shows just how inundated the company is with support tickets. It’s easy for gamers to worry about their own situation, but this graph shows how many people are requesting help, and how quickly Valve is able to respond.

Interestingly, most of the support tickets submitted are related to the company’s refund policy on Steam. The blog post has this to say on the subject:

We’re proud to be able to offer users refunds when appropriate. We think our refund policy is good for users and good for the platform and we’re happy that we are able to respond to more than 90% of refund requests in just a few hours.

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The blog post also mentions the second biggest support issue, which is Steam Account Security & Recovery. According to Valve, these requests have to do with people forgetting login information or experiencing hacks, which can take a little longer to resolve. That said, the company is able to resolve these problems in 24 hours for more than 98 percent of requests.

All-in-all, this additional transparency seems like a good move for Valve. It builds loyalty, and shows users how hard the company is working to resolve issues within the community. Now if only Valve would announce Half Life 3, that would be the icing on the cake.

Source: Steam

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