Steam has long been the one-stop-shop for many gamers seeking a deal on awesome video games. The distribution platform is notorious for its insane deals, especially around the holidays. It seems that gamers can experience those discounts every day, now that Steam has announced that they’ll be offering a daily deal on the service. Each day Steam usually has a sale of some form, however with this new ‘Daily Deal’ it seems that a title will be offered at a deeper discount – much to the delight of fans of the service.

Steam has made major moves in the past year. On top of offering quality titles at super-low prices at Christmas time, they also made the bold leap to Macs – exposing many Apple users to the world of discounted games. While Steam didn’t need another set of discounts, it’s doubtful anyone would complain – aside from those who have a bloated game library due to prior Steam sales.

Steam also made headlines recently when they made the jump to the PS3 alongside the release of Portal 2 – offering a free PC version when people purchased it for Sony’s console. Clearly Valve isn’t content with simply dominating the digital sales market, and has its sights set on other major platforms.

For now it seems that the next move in their plan for world domination is to save gamers money on a daily basis, with the promotion being kicked off today with a 75% off sale of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Some of you might wonder how it is that the company can still profit when offering games at such dramatically reduced prices, but Gabe Newell has explained the numbers already.

If digital sales are the wave of the future, then it may not be long before Xbox live and PSN start offering similar offers. The console fan bases may be harshly divided, but with a chance to purchase a sale-priced game every single day, converting to PC gaming could become a much more attractive proposition.

Do you think Steam’s daily sales will kick other distributors into matching the promotions? Or will console gamers simply have to wait for Steam to establish itself on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 before they can share in the savings? Let us know in the comments.

To pick up today’s Steam offer, head to their site now.

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