It’s been two years since Valve first announced their Steam Machines and Steam Controller, and it was almost another year before the company revealed the first few design options for their Steam console. Finally, after much waiting, it looks like Valve is finally ready to release their Steam Machines and Steam Controllers for consumer use.

Valve today announced that they will be launching their first official Steam Machines, as well as the Steam Controller and Steam Link, on November 10th. They also revealed that those who preo-rder one of these Steam items may get their purchase a month early.

GamersĀ in the United States who pre-order through Steam or from GameStop will get Alienware’s Steam Machine, the Steam Controller, or the Steam Link on October 16th. European and Canadian gamers will receive their Steam Controller or Steam Link early by preordering from Steam, GameStop, EB Games, Micromania, or GAME UK.

Steam Controller

While there are likely some gamers who are excited for their chance to finally snag an official Steam Machine, the timing may end up hurting Valve. Sure, launching a couple years ago may have been rocky with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launching at the same time, but thanks to the plethora of quality games coming out this fall and in early 2016 for the current-gen consoles, it seems this year may not be much better. It seems last fall, or even this past spring, would have been a better choice.

Still, with the upcoming holiday season looking strong for game releases, and the fact that the Steam Machine will give gamers access to a bigger library of games through Steam, Valve will probably be fine. In fact, with the Sony and Microsoft consoles finally pulling in some next-gen quality games, there are likely many gamers who have held off purchasing a PS4 or Xbox One. For these gamers, as well as those who want a PC experience, without worrying about a traditional computer, the Steam Machine may be the best option.

While Alienware’s offerings seem to be the only ones available for early shipping, there will be quite a few options available for gamers in November, with boxes ranging from $450 up to $5,000. Be sure to check out our list of Steam Machines and specs.

For those who don’t want to purchase a Steam Machine, but are still looking for a way to game on their TV with the Steam Controller, the company is also offering their Steam Link, which streams PC gamers over a local network to a TV. The Steam Link and Steam Controller are $50 each.

Are you planning to pick up a Steam Machine? Which one will you purchase? Let us know your choice in the comments.

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