Steam Halloween Sale 2016 Begins, Ends Nov. 1

Steam Halloween Sale 2016

Steam's annual Halloween Sale is starting, offering discounts on dozens of spooky, scary games and movies as well as plenty of other games at shocking prices.

With Halloween quickly approaching, it can only mean one thing -- another Steam sale from Valve. Today marks the start of Steam's Halloween Sale 2016, a short event that will disappear for another year with the ending of the witching hour Halloween day (10:00am PT Nov. 1). Until then, PC gamers will have the opportunity to purchase any number of spooky games and movie rentals at discounts so steep that it's frightening.

As per usual, while horror titles are the focus of the Steam Halloween Sale the deals are not solely on horror titles. Dozens of games from across all genres are discounted for the duration of the event, from Grand Theft Auto V to The Witcher III. Valve is also putting a priority on advertising games that have received Halloween updates, and even games that have received an update close to Halloween. Mostly, though, it's a lot of smaller games where the developers have gone out of their way to release a special Halloween content update.

Even so, Steam's Halloween sale should cover all of the standard PC gamer's expectations for major releases in the horror genre. That includes big horror franchises like: Resident Evil, Dead Space, FEAR, and Bioshock. It also includes cult horror hits like Outlast, Amnesia, Five Nights at Freddy's, and Killing Floor. There are even plenty of recent horror releases, including: Darkest Dungeon, Through the Woods, Zero Time Dilemma, and Inside.

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Much like previous years, Steam's Halloween Sale is also offering discounts on movies for rental. Steam's selection of movies isn't particularly robust, but considering the relatively low expectations associated with scary movies, there should still be plenty of cheap thrills to pick from.

Virtual Reality enthusiasts should be pleased to know that there are also plenty of Halloween games available for them too, but they are harder to find. Click the "All Specials" button at the bottom of the Halloween Sale page, then sort by headset of choice. Popular VR horror games, and even plenty of non-horror VR titles, are steeply discounted. Some particularly spooky VR horror games include Dead Secret, Emily Wants to Play, A Chair in a Room, and Boogeyman. VR helps take horror to a new level, so don't jump in unprepared.

Steam's Halloween Sale is available now and will run through November 1, with the sale ending at 10:00am PT. The only thing to truly be afriad of is whether or not Steam's Black Friday/Thanksgiving and Holiday sales will prove

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