Steam Threatens to Remove Games from Store Over Sexual Content

Twitch Banned Game Huniepop

Steam is, by far, the largest digital distribution platform for PC gamers, with it having 75% of the market space per estimations in 2013. Now, it seems that Steam has issued a warning to several game developers concerning sexual content, threatening to remove the games if not censored before a specified deadline. Notably, however, this warning has only been issued to developers who make visual novel-type games or anime-style games.

Developers like HuniePot (creators of HuniePop), Neko Works (creators of Tropical Liquor), and Lupiesoft (creators of Mutiny!!) all received warnings from Valve, but developers who make games such as The Witcher or Conan Exiles – both of which have a fair amount of sexual content – have not reportedly received these warnings. Lupiesoft maintains that its game respects Steam's guidelines, and it's noteworthy that games like HuniePop require external patches to unlock the sexual content.

Until there is confirmation from developers from other genres, it seems that this warning only applies to the aforementioned game styles. Check out the developers' tweets concerning the situation:

While the situation is unfortunate for these developers, it's not the first time a Banhammer has been wielded concerning these games, as HuniePop was previously banned from streaming on Twitch. As seen above, Lupiesoft insists that this "nuclear option" ignores both previously established terms and western games with comparable content. The company also insisted other developers speak up against this action, because it represents a real threat in the future when a single company can make decisions such as this.

Considering Valve wants to start making games again, it will be interesting to see how this decision affects the company moving forward, but this decision doesn't only affect Valve. It could easily have negative consequences for developers of this aforementioned genres and for those who work at those studios.

Tell us, Ranters, do you think Steam is right in insisting on these changes?

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