Nearly 180 Games Banned From Steam

179 games were banned from Steam over the past couple of weeks. The games targeted were primarily achievement hunter games, or were inarguably hate-speech or featured content that otherwise violated the terms of service. Many of these titles were, to quote Steam, "Game shaped objects" that only barely qualified as video games in the first place.

"You're a denizen of the internet so you know that trolls come in all forms. On Steam, some are simply trying to rile people up with something we call "a game shaped object" (ie: a crudely made piece of software that technically and just barely passes our bar as a functioning video game but isn't what 99.9% of folks would say is "good"). Some trolls are trying to scam folks out of their Steam inventory items, others are looking for a way to generate a small amount of money off Steam through a series of schemes that revolve around how we let developers use Steam keys. Others are just trying to incite and sow discord."


The over-saturation of Steam's library has been written about at length, being leveled at the service as one of it's most damning issues. Valve made an announcement several months ago suggesting that the Steam library would be keeping the floodgates wide open, with the exception of illegal or "trolling" titles.

The recent mass bans are consistent with Steam's previously stated position, which ought to help raise the spirits of a community that has been slightly suffering in recent years. With more services like Uplay, Origin, and GOG slowly chipping away at Steam's playerbase and taking exclusivity for big ticket titles, Steam's place as the undisputed lord of PC gaming has been slipping.

Time will tell if Steam will continue to uphold a stricter policy on what games are available through their platform. It's seemed for quite some time that their policy on new games was changing too quickly for anyone to keep up, but it's never too late for them to start being consistent.

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