Steam Forums Reportedly Hacked

Steam User Forums Hacked

Hackers have been in the news a lot this year. Following high profile attacks on Sony and Lulzsec's hack of Nintendo, the latest developer to fall victim is none other than Valve. It has been reported that the Steam forums have been hacked into by a group known as "FknOwned" (clever, guys), who promise to fulfill requests of any internet debauchery forum goers want to participate in.

The hacker group is said to have inserted an ad for it's own site into the Steam forums, which promises "general discussion sections, hacking tutorials and tools, porn, free giveaways and much more." Not that people couldn't find the majority of items on that list with a simple Google search, but the ad is probably something that has the team at Valve up in arms -- especially with the emphasis they've been putting on security as of late.

Valve has taken the forums offline for "maintenance," with no estimate as to when they will be back online.  It seems a bit too coincidental that Valve would take the forums offline just moments after reports came in that those forums have been hacked, so it's likely that these reports are true. The Steam Blotter system is also temporarily offline. There's no word on whether the two are connected, but one cannot blame Valve for taking all non-essential systems down just to be safe.

Hacked Steam Forum Post

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Users are also reporting that they have received the above message in an e-mail from Steam itself. Unfortunately, we at Game Rant cannot prove the validity of that claim, but it's worth keeping an eye on your inbox just in case. We'd also like to remind users not to give their name or passwords to anyone, as that's how you end up with multiple purchases of Alpha Protocol.

With all of the recent hacking reports coming out the past couple of months, this is certainly unfortunate news for Valve. This year they showed off a feature that would help protect Steam accounts from hacks, and this move by "FknOwned" has probably planted some doubts in the minds of Steam users. One can only hope that this incident is isolated to the Steam forums and will not affect  any users directly.


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