Steam Exploration Sale Begins Today, Runs Until December 2nd

Steam Exploration Sale

It's Black Friday week yet again and already gamers are lining up their most enticing deals, whether it be a new console bundle, a new accessory, or one of this year's hottest releases. For those who might not be sure what's on sale, we've also put together a pretty handy guide for Black Friday as well.

But in case sifting through every retailer's Black Friday sales wasn't hard enough, Steam has come forward with its own sale to make things even more difficult. Dubbed the Steam Exploration Sale, this latest selection of deeply discounted items will run from today until December 2nd.

So far, the sale has already included some truly enticing discounts, from The Evil Within ($20.49) to Watch_Dogs ($29.99) to Counter-Strike: GO (%7.49). However, potential patrons won't need to be quite as vigilant for this particular sale, as there are no Flash Sales or Deals of the Day (so far). Rather, it appears that many of the sales will last for up to two days, while some will expire within 24 hours.

But, if past Steam sales have taught us anything it's that the best prices will typically make a second appearance before the sale's end. That being said, don't sit on a game lest it disappear.

As most know, Steam Sales are easily the most exciting time of the year for PC gamers, who usually come away with a ton of new titles. Steam's Summer and Winter/Holiday Sales are particularly bountiful times, offering some of pretty big games at steep discounts.

Steam sales are also the perfect time for gamers to try out a few indie titles they may have passed up at regular price. The Stanley Parable, FTL: Faster Than Light, and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter are just a few of the indies that we'd recommend picking up on this first day.

As far as some of the triple-A releases are concerned, gamers might be able to find better deals at a brick and mortar store. But that will require braving the nonsense associated with Black Friday shopping.

What games do you hope to see included in the Steam Sale? Have you found any particularly good Black Friday sales?


Source: Steam

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