In order to celebrate its Steam Controller selling upwards of 500,000 units, Valve allows a discount to the price of the peripheral to $35 as a limited time offer.

After having had its release date in November 2015, with almost seven months gone by, Valve’s Steam Controller has hit a huge milestone in sales. According to a blog post from the American video game developer and digital distribution company, the Steam Controller has sold over a half a million units, prompting Valve to allow the retailer GameStop to reduce its original price of $50 as well as the cost of the Steam Link Streaming Adapter to $35 through June 7 as a way to show solidarity with its fans.

Ever since the Steam Controller was launched, Valve has encouraged players to mod the peripheral to their liking, but now the company has promised it will be introducing more configuration options all its own with a future update. Fans will soon be able to use what are called “Activators” to assign actions for things like press-and-hold, double click, toggle, and much more.

In order to give an idea of what an “Activator” will do, Valve uses id Software’s DOOM as an example to say that players will be able to cycle through the game’s wide-ranging arsenal of guns by simply pressing just one button, or double-tapping it to bring up the BFG weapon, for instance. Not to mention, the company assures its fans it has gone ahead and added enhanced support for games purchased outside of Steam as well, and that developers for titles such as XCOM 2 and Dark Souls 3 have been “fine-tuning” its games to work better with the controller at launch.


Furthermore, it seems as if Valve is working toward providing better assistance for the virtual reality revolution, as the company also stated in the blog post that it has included Steam Controller support in VR Game Theater mode, including the option to use the motion controls as a steering wheel. Undoubtedly this was done by Valve in order to more closely tie in the use of the Steam Controller with its own Vive VR headsets.

While some fans were hesitant to give the Steam Controller a shot at first, with such substantial sales figures being reported, it seems as if players have overcome their initial reluctance to use Valve’s creation. However, it remains to be seen as to whether or not the peripheral will be able to top the superlative features of Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite controller, which some consider to be the best controller to come out thus far.

Did you contribute to Valve’s selling of more than 500,000 Steam Controllers? If so, has it become your preferred choice for gaming over other peripherals? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Valve’s Steam Controller is on sale for $35 through June 7 at GameStop.

Source: Steam Community (via DualShockers, GameStop)

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