Steam Adds a Wallet For Users to Add Lump Sums of Money to Their Accounts

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A new feature for Steam users silently crept in to the popular online PC gaming service. While it isn't any new dramatic feature that will completely revolutionize Steam or even catch the eye of a lot of gamers, it is a nice addition and very promising for those younger gamers without credit cards. The new feature, a wallet function similar to that of the PlayStation Network's or Xbox Live.

This gives the ability to add funds to your wallet, like a large lump sum of $100 at once, and then you can spend it on anything you want as long as it supports Steam transactions. While this may seem pointless to some users, since you can already pay the exact amount down to the penny for a game, it will be helpful to those that don't have access to credit or perhaps want to set themselves up a spending limit so they don't bankrupt themselves buying every game they see.

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According to the Steam Wallet Page, above, you can add different amounts of money to your wallet: $5, $10, $25, $50, or $100. Once you have the money in your wallet, you can use it to buy any Steam game or DLC content that supports Steam transactions.

For some gamers this is excellent news, or parents even. This function allows you or your parent to provide a set amount of money without having access to a credit card, disallowing spending when you aren't supposed to. With your money in wallet you can go hog wild on Steam's games that are under $5 or buy the latest and greatest game with ease.

Who knows, maybe Steam will even introduce pre-paid cards in stores like you see for the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, making buying games even more accessible for those without a credi card. Although no news, plans, or announcements of any kind have been made about this, just pure speculation.

Is this a feature that you might be interested in, Ranters? Do you see some other uses for the wallet that I might not have touched on?

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