Without a doubt, many gaming fans would consider Microsoft and Undead Labs’ forthcoming survival-horror title State of Decay 2 to be one of the most exciting Xbox One exclusives in 2018, especially when one considers that its launch is now less than a week away. In order to prime folks for the game’s impending release, the aforementioned companies have decided to put out the first 17 minutes of gameplay found within the title.

As seen in the video below courtesy of IGN, State of Decay 2 fans can get a gander at the beginning of the adventure for the characters Eric and Jordan, as they are on the run from an encroaching horde of zombies. The clip offers would-be survivors various looks at early features displayed within a semi-tutorial, the initial setting of a refugee site known as Camp Osprey, and a mission to undertake where players will search out a potential new home base.

As evidenced in the above footage for State of Decay 2, Microsoft and Undead Labs’ survival-horror title is lacking in several ways – most notably in some of the running animations and in the unnatural-sounding voices that the characters have. Thankfully, the gameplay looks solid enough, and the price tag for the release will be forgiving on fans’ wallets, as SoD2 is only going to be sold for a mere $30. Hopefully, though, developers will be able to provide a patch smoothing over any issues once State of Decay 2 goes live.

While some may still consider State of Decay 2‘s cost to be too pricey for what’s being offered at launch, there’s always an alternative way for fans to play the title at an even better bargain, as it will join the Xbox Game Pass upon release. Not only will gamers be offered access to the survival-horror sequel when subscribing to the service for $10, but also they will be given the chance to play over one hundred other different Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles as well.

State of Decay 2 is set to release on May 22, 2018 for PC and Xbox One.

Source: IGN – YouTube