Microsoft and Undead Labs reveal State of Decay 2 with a blood-soaked trailer that places a heavy emphasis on co-operative multiplayer mayhem.

Zombie fans were left salivating during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference, which featured more than one undead apocalypse title. Today, it was announced that Undead Labs is officially bringing popular zombie survival franchise State of Decay back into the fold, with a new focus on multiplayer co-operative gameplay. The studio revealed State of Decay 2 in the form of an blood-filled trailer, which shows off the series-staple roadside zombie slaughtering and several base building components.

Despite the trailer stating that ‘no one survives alone’, players are still able to enjoy the experience solo shoulder they desire to do so. The world of State of Decay 2 will remember choices that players make, and veterans of the series will remember how difficult it can be to keep a community of survivors functioning in a town overridden with shambling hordes of the undead.

Take a look at the official E3 2016 trailer below:

A brief roadside sign also reveals that the game will once again take place in Trumbull County, which brings the potential that some playable characters might swoop in from the original game. Given that completely different sets of people will have survived in each playthrough, an official canon would then be established if any familiar faces do appear. While the first title took place in Trumbull Valley, we imagine its successor will allow gamers to explore some of the other local scenery that the first game locked players away from.

The State of Decay series has already shambled its onto Xbox One console around the world before, in the form of the Year One Survival Edition for Xbox One. While the graphics of that title still left something to be desired, the new game looks like a significant improvement in terms of graphical prowess, with base-building looking like it has had plenty of work done on it, too. The title will have to compete with Dead Rising 4 on the Xbox One, which will arrive first this holiday window.

There’s no word yet on if cross-play will feature in the series, a feature which was confirmed for other titles shown today like Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4. We’ll keep you posted as more news about State of Decay 2 shambles out.

State of Decay 2 currently has a 2017 release date, and will launch for both Xbox One and Windows 10.