Ubisoft Toronto took to the stage at Ubisoft’s E3 2017 Press Conference to announce Starlink: Battle For Atlas, a space-based exploration game that features a group of space pilots fighting to reclaim the Atlas star system from the clutches of an evil robotic force called The Forgotten Legends. Ubisoft Toronto producer Matthew Rose delivered the world’s first look at Starlink: Battle For Atlas, which admittingly does give No Man’s Sky vibes – though both games are set to take very different directions.

The game will incorporate a toys-to-life feature where players can clip a starship figurine to their controller, with the corresponding ship’s inventory appearing instantly in the game. A price point for the aforementioned toys has yet to be announced. Matthew Rose didn’t delve into too many details on stage, but he did state that Starlink: Battle for Atlas will feature everything from outlaws chasing the player through asteroid fields to discovering ancient secrets lost among the worlds of Atlas.

Starlink isn’t due for release until the fall of 2018, so gamers looking to hear more thorough information about the title (or large gameplay segments) will likely have to wait a while to do so.

Gamers can take a look at the official announcement trailer for Starlink: Battle For Atlas below:

Ubisoft promises that the star system will evolve differently depending on what actions the player takes throughout the story, though how significant of an impact this will be remains to be seen. Unlike No Man’s Sky, Starlink: Battle For Atlas will have 7 predesigned worlds rather than procedural generation. Players will be able to travel seamlessly throughout these planets, and each one will reportedly have its own identity and provide a slew of challenges for gamers to overcome.

With the toys-to-life system, players will be able to customize everything from their pilots to the hulls, wings, and weapons of their own starship. Any changes made to the ship will take effect immediately, allowing for gamers to upgrade their systems and get right back into the fight against the Forgotten Legends. According to Matthew Rose, the idea for incorporating starship toys into the game came straight from Yves Guillemot, with the team behind Starlink initially comprising only of 10 employees in the Toronto studio.

What do you think about Starlink: Battle For Atlas, Ranters? Are you game to collect some starship toys?

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Starlink: Battle For Atlas will be available in fall 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.