'Starhawk's' Public Beta Flies In On January 17

Starhawk Open Beta Schedule

The private beta for Starhawk ended on January 3rd, but fans anticipating the spiritual successor to 2007's highly acclaimed Warhawk will now have another opportunity to get in on some bug finding, glitch cleaning action. The Starhawk multiplayer beta is entering its public phase, and will begin rolling out to a select group of gamers on Tuesday, January 17.

The announcement came via the PlayStation Blog, but with the oxymoron that the "open" beta will be briefly limited to PlayStation Plus subscribers and old dogs from the closed beta (provided their save files are intact). Starting on January 31, Uncharted 3 beta key holders will be able get in on the action. The beta will finally become open to the entire PlayStation Network user base on February 21.

The game is being developed by Lightbox Interactive and Sony's in-house SCEA Santa Monica studio. Harvard Bonin, the game's senior producer at SCEA, stressed in the post that the game is not a bug-free demo, but expounded the importance of an open beta:

"This is also a chance for more players to finally see what we’ve been working so hard on. As we’ve been getting so much support and encouragement from fans and press alike, we’re excited to spread the love and get more input to make the best game possible."


The content of Starhawk's multiplayer beta remains a mystery, but Sony promises to unravel the details soon (It's only four days until we find out one way or the other). However, before the private beta ceased on January 3rd, gamers were able to get a taste of the Acid Sea and Space maps.

Sony only said that the beta will end "when the game is good and ready," but anyone with a fleeting interest in the title shouldn't miss out. Game Rant's Ben Kendrick came away impressed from his hands-on E3 preview of Starhawk, and both the footage and screenshots we've seen from the game suggest that the sky is the limit.

Ranters, where does the Starhawk beta fall in your gaming plans for the next few months? Is it worth playing an unfinished product to help developers sift through bugs and get a taste at what's to come?

Starhawk will be releasing for the PlayStation 3 in 2012, though a specfic date is TBA.


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Source: PlayStation Blog


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