'Starhawk' Trailer Highlights Vehicular Carnage

Starhawk Vehicle Trailer

Part of the biggest appeal for Lightbox Interactive's next title Starhawk rests with its unique blend of aerial and ground based vehicular combat, actually that's most of the appeal. While its predecessor Warhawk offered a similar type of experience, focusing mainly on aerial combat, Starhawk is taking that mantra to a whole new level.

To help illuminate that appeal, and to show off some of the many vehicles that Lightbox has put into Starhawk, a new trailer has been released that focuses on four key vehicle options. Each possesses their own strengths and weaknesses in a multiplayer match of Starhawk, but all are extremely appealing.

First up is the Sidewinder JetBike, a riff on a hover bike that doesn't possess much in the way of protection but is a speedy way to get a player from point A to point B. Every vehicle-based multiplayer title needs a quick getaway vehicle, and the JetBike fulfills that role nicely.

One step higher than the JetBike is the Razorback, a buggy-type vehicle that can hold up to three players and features a mounted turret on its back. Like Halo's Warthog, the Razorback will be the perfect infantry transport vehicle, and will also be able to lay down some solid covering fire.

Not to be outdone by the Razorback, the Ox Tank is the prime ground-based vehicle with mounted rocket launchers and a ton of armor. It might move slowly, but in its wake will be a ton of carnage.

And, of course, it wouldn't be a Starhawk vehicle trailer without an appearance by the Hawk, the eponymous futuristic jets featured prominently throughout the game. With the ability to perform high-flying maneuvers in the air, and to take on a mech-like form on the ground, the Hawk is going to be the vehicle every multiplayer gamer will want to get their hands on, as it should be.


The most important thing to note about the trailer is its focus on balance. Despite each vehicle feeling outmatched by the one that preceded it, all have their inherent weaknesses. The Hawk wasn't taken down by the Ox Tank, but by a strategically placed sniper with an itchy trigger finger. No matter how you like to get your kills in Starhawk, as the trailer explains, there's going to be plenty of riding, flying, and dying.

What do you think of Starhawk's selection of vehicles? Which of them are you most excited about piloting/driving?

Starhawk releases May 8, 2012 for the PS3.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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