Latest 'Starhawk' Trailer Teaches You to 'Build and Battle'

Starhawk Build To Kill Trailer

Shooters are easy to come buy these days, causing many developers to try new things to stand out from competing titles. In Starhawk, players can build structures on the fly to change the face of battle, and in this latest trailer, Lightbox Interactive shows off the system in action.

The "Build and Battle" system is at the heart of Starhawk and, as the trailer shows, buildings are created in a snap. Once players have accumulated enough rift energy, think of it as an in-game currency, players can begin building. All they have to do is select the type of building they want and it will drop from orbit in a matter of seconds.

Shown off in the trailer are the different types of structures players can build, including walls, beam turrets and supply bunkers. Supply bunkers are useful for accessing new weapons, whereas beam turrets are effective at destroying enemy aircraft. Walls themselves are pretty self explanatory, as they are used to block enemy players from entering a certain area - though jetpacks can easily solve that problem.

Check out how the Build and Battle system in action in the latest Starhawk trailer:


It should be noted that this trailer takes a very... cinematic approach to the game's multiplayer. In Starhawk's beta, battles aren't typically condensed into one small section of the map, and even if they are there's much more room to breath than what the trailer details. That being said it does show off one fun aspect of the game - dropping structures on unsuspecting enemies!

The Build and Battle system does add a layer of depth to the game. It's much more strategic to find the best places to drop pod beacons (spawn points) or supply bunkers than simply running around and picking up ammo off the ground or spawning wherever the game chooses. The only criticism we can think of is that players can actually remove other's structures, meaning that jetpack dispenser you just placed could be gone in a matter of seconds.

That said, Sony's Harvard Bonin has also taken the time to remind players that the Starhawk beta will soon update to version 1.3 soon... meaning new vehicles and even more options for building and battling!

Starhawk releases May 8, 2012 for the PS3.


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Source: PlayStation Blog

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