'Starhawk' Private Beta Ends January 3rd

Starhawk Beta Ends January 3rd

If you were one of the lucky few to get into the Starhawk private beta but still haven't got around to playing it, then do we have some sad news for you, the beta will be coming to a close on January 3rd, so now's the time to boot it up and get to playing!

The Starhawk private beta was only open to those who signed up on the Starhawk website, as well as to some of the most elite Warhawk players - though this did not guarantee one would receive access. Some beta invites were also given out via various social networking sites, though at this point it seems unlikely that many more codes will be given out.

According to the team at Lightbox, the data they have received from the private beta has been "incredibly valuable," and they have already implemented many changes based on fan reaction. Just browsing through various forums and comment sections, one can see that the game is getting a mixed reception from the Warhawk community, so it's nice to see Lightbox trying to appease both groups as much as possible - even if you can't please everyone.

With the private beta coming to a close, that also means the public beta is on its way. According to the game's Senior Producer, Harvard Bonin, those who received a beta invite through purchase of Uncharted 3, should keep their eyes on the PlayStation Blog for information in the coming weeks. Looking at past public betas for other first party/second party Sony titles, it's safe to say that we can expect Uncharted 3 owners to get access first, PlayStation Plus members a week later, and then a week or so after it will be open to everyone.

Until then, those with private beta access will probably be spending their time playing the shooter, while everyone else has to wait until the eventual release of the public beta. Or you could just look at these screenshots...

Starhawk releases in 2012 for the PS3.


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Source: PlayStation Blog EU

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