Those looking forward to a Starhawk sequel might not want to continue reading this post, as developer Lightbox Interactive has been hit with layoffs. Studio president Dylan Jobe says the remaining team members will be moving onto mobile development.

24 employees have been let go from Lightbox, however, they have all received a severance packages. Lightbox Interactive was founded by key members of Incognito Entertainment, a first party Sony studio that developed titles such as War of the Monsters and Warhawk. Currently, Starhawk is the only game Lightbox has shipped.

Lightbox president Dylan Jobe confirmed the layoffs, and revealed that, from here on out, the studio would begin developing titles for iOS. As for the future of Starhawk, Sony has ensured fans that the game will be placed in the hands of its Santa Monica Studio. It is not yet clear what this means, though; will Starhawk continue to receive beefy updates and new DLC? Or will the studio just work on small hotfixes and server retention?

While the future of Starhawk is still a bit uncertain, Jobe wants to ensure his former employees that their’s isn’t. In addition to the severance package, Jobe has made sure to give his employees ample time to craft their portfolios — hopefully aiding the cut employees in finding new jobs.

“The whole reason for me informing my team of lay-offs before they happen is so they have time to prepare. Collect stuff for their portfolios, capture screen shots or video — the stuff that helps people land on their feet.”

Rumblings of possible layoffs began earlier this evening, when 3D Realms‘ head George Broussard tweeted out his best wishes to the cut staff. At the time, Lightbox had not announced any layoffs, and rumors began to spread that the studio was actually being shut down.

Starhawk, as good of a game as it was (read our review), failed to ignite sales charts. Of course, this doesn’t mean the end of the Starhawk franchise — Sony still owns the IP. However, with such poor sales it’d be hard to justify a sequel.

We wish those affected good luck on finding new jobs, and hope that Jobe’s actions will help aid those job hunting.

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Source: IGN