'Starhawk' Beta Opens Wide Tonight; Patch 1.3 To Bring New Content

Starhawk PS3 Beta Open To All

Starhawk has been in beta since December, but up until now, players required a PlayStation Plus subscription or code to participate - which could be found in copies of Uncharted 3 and through online give aways. That changes today, as the beta is now open to all PS3 users!

The Starhawk beta will be available to all once the PlayStation Store updates later tonight, the only thing users need to do is go to the Store page and click download. The beta will also allow users to access the PSN beta forum where they can discuss the game.

Sony's Harvard Bonin - and Starhawk's senior producer - wants to make it clear that this is a beta, and does not in any way represent the final product. That's certainly true, as over the past two months the team has added many additions to the title to help balancing and even some new features such as the skill system, which offers players certain advantages (i.e. being invisible on the radar).

Lightbox has more in store, though. In the coming weeks they will deploy patch 1.3, which will add a numerous amount of new features. The game will finally introduce 32-player matches as well as a brand new map and new vehicles. The game already features jeeps and "Hawks" - think of them as jets that can transform into mechs.

What other vehicles could Lightbox have in store? Hopefully the dropship or APC from Warhawk; nothing was more fun than getting a group of people in either of those vehicles and screaming as the driver dodged missle attacks. Of course, it was also pretty awesome to blow them up and get six kills.

While Starhawk doesn't release until May, the beta won't be up forever. It is because of this that Bonin has written a nice little poem to convince you to join in on the fun:

The Starhawk SerenadeIf you don’t try Starhawk you’ll be sad,While your friends are having fun you’ll be mad,It’s such an easy download,Your head may explode!There’s so much d&*#*! fun to be had!

The beta itself has been very fun so far, and it's certainly retained the Warhawk feel while also introducing some modern conventions. Let's hope that these new features bring even more enjoyment.

Are you going to participate in the beta? If you have already, what are your thoughts?

Starhawk releases May 8th, 2012, exclusively for the PS3.


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Source: PlayStation Blog

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