'Starhawk' Beta 1.3 Arrives with New Trailer; Brings 32 Player Battles

These days betas get a bad rap for being nothing more than a glorified demo, but if one game has bucked the trend, it's Lightbox Interactive's Starkhawk. The game has just entered version 1.3, bringing new vehicles, more players and a sweet trailer.

If you haven't already booted up the Starhawk beta, you'll be prompted to download the 1.3 update. This update will add two new vehicles to the game: the Ox Tank and the Sidewinder Jet Bike. The tank has a bit more of a futuristic look than what we've seen in Warhawk; it has six wheels as opposed to treads and two fire modes to boot.

The jetbike is exactly as you'd except, a nimble craft that's able to quickly move around the battlefield. See them in action in the trailer below:


The beta will also bring about a brand new map, called Dust, which you can see in the following screen shots. Dust will also allow players to join in on 32 player matches, a new feature that's been added to the beta. The previous two maps only held 16 players max, so it will be fun to see if 32 player matches can retain the same intensity as in Warhawk.

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Sony's Chuck Lacson also answered a few questions on the PlayStation Blog regarding features that will be in the full game. While most of his comments were to thank people for showing support, one interesting tidbit did pop up - that much like Starhawk's spiritual predecessor, Warhawk, players will be able to hop online and play split screen with a buddy.

The Starhawk beta will be coming to a close on March 27th, 2012, so if you have yet to check it out, we recommend you do. It's a fun shooter with a nice twist on strategy elements - and even in beta it's already highly polished.

Starhawk releases May 8th, 2012 for the PS3.


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Source: PlayStation Blog

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