Do a Barrel Roll! Video of the 'StarFox' 3DS Port in Action

Star Fox 3DS Video Demo

Nintendo's 3DS console is attacking the video game world from two fronts: one that strikes a nostalgia cord and one that fits into the same niche as the original DS. While some titles are being developed from the ground up with 3D in mind, others, like the 3DS port of Star Fox, are there to help provide gamers a solid offering of titles that introduce Nintendo brands to a new gaming generation.

Originally released as StarFox 64, the space shooter was one of the more popular titles to release for the console. Though sequels never quite reached the status of Star Fox 64, the series has always remained a fan favorite all these years. New video of Star Fox on the 3DS should help remind gamers why the game was so much fun.

Without being able to see the 3D magic in action it’s hard to evaluate the most important element of this port, but from the short video, the title does seem to be running smoothly. One can imagine that Fox’s ship or other vehicle will be the primary 3D element while the other enemies and buildings scaling down from there. One thing that isn’t clear is how exactly the game controls. Though there will most likely be a touch based control scheme, the 3DS’ new “joystick” could also figure in as an alternate.

Check out Star Fox’s 3DS demo below:


As one of the N64's classic titles, and one that existed as one of gaming’s biggest callbacks, Star Fox will be able to reach a whole new range of gamers with this 3DS port. Serving as the vessel to introduce the standards to a whole new generation, the 3DS has the potential to completely reinvigorate Nintendo’s line of game titles.

With the Wii, Nintendo has been extremely picky and choosy about which titles they want to bring into the new console generation. Ever stalwart titles like Mario and Zelda get the auto-pass, but lesser known gems like Kid Icarus and Star Fox get relegated to the “until the time is right” pile.

As Nintendo continues to take the great titles from their past and bring them to the 3DS, they could potentially open up fan interest in playing those series on the Wii or even a future Nintendo console. For now, gamers are going to have to make due with their 3DS port of Star Fox before the game gets the dedicated title treatment.

Do you plan on picking up Star Fox for the 3DS? Is Star Fox the type of series that deserves a new title for the Wii?

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