There has never been any question that Minecraft started a revolution in the video game industry. Countless clones, some more shameless than others, have built upon the original premise of Minecraft – build your own world and try to survive. Now another studio is taking a stab at the genre, but StarForge might be the most exciting

It is clear from the video and descriptions on the website that StarForge was heavily inspired by Minecraft and its successors, along with sci-fi first-person shooters like Halo. The player is tasked with gathering elements and building shelters in order to withstand the harsh reality of an alien planet – a line that could just as easily define the experience of playing Minecraft.

The most marked departure of StarForge is, of course, the weaponry. StarForge gives the player plenty of firepower to fight off the oncoming hordes of aliens or humans in the form of procedural weapons from enemies and turrets to defend the base. The very active role that players will take in the defense of their property gives the game an RTS or tower defense feel, much like Epic Games promises Fortnite will when it releases.

After the blocky aesthetic of Minecraft and Terraria‘s 2D take on gathering and building, a fully detailed 3D world, complete with beautiful graphics and a robust physics system is very refreshing. The “procedural 3D tile set system,” one that CodeHatch claims is the first, also gives the impression that structures will look natural within the world of StarForge. Blocks fit perfectly together, remodeling themselves as more tiles are either added or taken away.

CodeHatch just released the first playable build of the game, giving gamers a chance to experience the world they are building first-hand, although with only a fraction of the functionality that the final product will contain.

Ranters, do you think that these initial details of StarForge are enough to warrant another trip into the world building genre? Are you burnt out on games that seem to take a cue from Minecraft yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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