Stardew Valley Mod Turns Animals into Pokemon

Stardew Valley Pokemon Mod

Several fans of Stardew Valley are making a modification which introduces Pokemon into the game, turning Pelican Town into Palette Town one step at a time.

Stardew Valley has made waves ever since it was released late last month, accruing nearly half a million sales ever since its release on Steam. The game's sole developer, Concerned Ape, has been quite busy with the creation of patches and responding to feature requests, so some fans have taken it upon themselves to play around with the code of Stardew Valley and add a few things here and there.

A collective of Pokemon fans have decided that any game that features plenty of animals is ripe for a Pokemon modification, and in the case of Stardew Valley they were certainly right. The fans call the collective of sprite edits the Pokedew Valley mod, and their work-in-progress project has seen no less than eight Pokemon added into the game, ranging from the trusty canine companion Growlithe to the stalwart Ponyta, which can be ridden into town.

For those who may not be aware, Stardew Valley is essentially what would happen if Harvest Moon and Rune Factory had a baby. Players farm through a familiar season-based system, slowly working on turning their wild land into pristine farmland for crop and cow alike. Similarly to Harvest Moon, players can befriend the inhabitants of a nearby town, court one of the single townspeople, and can even form a special connection with the magical sprites who give special rewards for completed tasks. Now, they can also wallop the heck out of some pesky Digletts.

Stardew Valley Diglett

The Pokedew Valley mod is comprised entirely of simple retextures rather than any gameplay enhancements, and modifies the following animals:

  • Bat into Zubat
  • Cat into Meowth
  • Chicken into Torchic
  • Cow into Miltank
  • Dog into Growlithe
  • Duggy (the cave monster) into Diglett
  • Horse into Ponyta
  • Sheep into Mareep

Of course, there's also a retexture that allows players to add Ash Ketchum's classic hat onto the farmer, because who doesn't want to farm as the very best himself?

There are still several animals left in the game with unannounced Pokemon affiliations, but we have a few ideas on what they'll likely be. The duck has an obvious tie-in to Psyduck, and the rabbit can be easily turned into its Pokemon-based cousin, the Bunnelby. Whilst so far only Pokemon (and a hat) have been included into the game, we wouldn't be surprised if some intrepid fans eventually modify the townspeople themselves, because who wouldn't want to be pals with Ash and Misty themselves?

This isn't the first time fans have rendered Pokemon assets (or Ash's hat, for that matter), and Stardew Valley certainly blends into the lore better than this Grand Theft Auto 5 masterpiece.

What do you think about Stardew Valley, Ranters? Have you played the one-man project?

Stardew Valley is currently available now on PC.

Source: PC Gamer

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