10 Stardew Valley Mods Every Player Needs

Stardew Valley is a really fun game that allows the player to live the simple life of running a farm and living near a small town. The player's character recently inherited a farm from their late grandfather and decided to give up their busy life in the city to move to their new farm to try something new. Players grow crops, build friendships, take care of animals, and can eventually get married.

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Even though the game is a ton of fun as it is, there are some ways that the player can make the Stardew Valley experience even more fun. There are a ton of mods that the Stardew Valley community has made. Some are purely aesthetic and change the look of the game while others change the actual gameplay.

To see 10 of the best Stardew Valley mods every player needs, keep reading!

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10 Pelican Fiber

If a player chooses to complete the Community Center instead of siding with Joja Mart, they change a lot about the town. For one, Pierre's becomes open seven days a week instead of closing on Wednesday! Pretty handy, right? But with the help of this mod, players can shop from any store in the Stardew Valley world at any time.

Pelican Fiber is a mod that allows players to shop at every single store in the game from anywhere. Whether you want to buy some hay from Marnie on a Tuesday or you don't feel like waiting for the Queen of Sauce to air to learn a new recipe, players are finally able to buy anything they want at any time.

9 NPC Map Locations

One of the hardest parts of befriending or building a romance with the characters in Stardew Valley can be trying to figure out where they are. Although you could easily open Google and find their schedule, it changes each day and each season, so memorizing it isn't easy. Luckily, there's a mod that helps players track down every character in the game.

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NPC Map Locations is a Stardew Valley mod that makes it easier to find characters. Whether you need to give Hailey a sunflower so you can win over her heart or you're trying to find Mayor Lewis to return his shorts, you won't have a problem finding them. This mod adds all the players and their location at any given time right onto your map!

8 Cuter Fatter Cows

Although there are a lot of Stardew Valley mods that add something helpful to the gameplay, there are also some that just change the aesthetics of the game and make it more fun to look at. This is one of those mods.

Cuter Fatter Cows is a mod that makes your cows look, well, cuter and fatter. Keeping a barn or coop full of animals in Stardew Valley can be a really good way to make money and gifts for the townspeople. But who said it can't also be totally adorable?

7 Farm Extended

There are multiple different farm maps available in Stardew Valley. When first starting out, the player gets to pick one of these map layouts, each of which has its own unique advantages and challenges. This makes the experience of your simulated life on the farm even more fun and interesting to play through.

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But the one problem which each of these is the fact that the farms are a little on the small side. There's plenty of room for the players to plant crops, put up buildings, and place their machines, but it's easy to wish they were bigger. Farm Extended is a mod that makes each farm map larger and adds other benefits like mine-cart transportation from your farm.

6 Gift Taste Helper

It's difficult to befriend or romance the characters in Stardew Valley if you don't memorize their favorite gifts. Each character has certain items that they absolutely love and some that they just can't stand. Giving Abigail an amethyst will give the player extra points in their relationship, while giving holly, sugar, or most fruits will take points away.

Gift Taste Helper is a mod that takes some of the guesswork out of trying to figure out what to give the NPCs living in Pelican Town. No more trying to remember whether Shane loves or hates pizza and pickles - just hover their name in your relationship window to see their favorite items!

5 Ali's Overgrown Fairy Buildings

The art style of Stardew Valley is pretty unique and already a lot off fun to look at. It has a slightly pixel-art style that reminds us of all of our favorite retro video games and looks super unique. There are a lot of mods that change the look of the game, both inside and outside, and allow the player to really customize the look of their game beyond how it already looks.

Ali's Overgrown Fairy Buildings is a mod that allows the player to change the look of all the buildings on their farm. From their horse stable and house to their chicken coops and silos, every building gets a new exterior that looks slightly more pastel with overgrown flowers and ivy going all over the face of the building.

4 Diverse Stardew Valley

Even though a lot of the focus of Stardew Valley is definitely on running your farm and helping to rejuvenate Pelican Town, there's also a big focus on interacting with the other characters. The player gets to build friendships, unlock cut scenes, and eventually get married to one of the people living in the town.

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Each of the characters in the game has a really unique character design that sets them apart. But with Diverse Stardew Valley, the character design is made even more awesome. It adds some diversity to the game and gives the characters a new look. Some of them are entirely redesigned while others just have some minor changes that reflect their personality a little more.

3 CJB Item Spawner

Ever been playing Stardew Valley and really wished that you had some food while deep in the mine? Or wanted an Iridium Pickaxe without having to actually work to mine all that Iridium and pay Clint to upgrade your tool? Luckily, there's a mod that can help with that.

CJB Item Spawner is a mod that does just what the name suggests - spawns items. Whether you're in a pinch and need food to give you health and energy while you're in the desert or you just don't feel like working to grow winning crops for the fair, this mod will let you spawn absolutely any item in the game directly into your inventory.

2 Bath House Hot Spring

The bath house behind Robin's house in Pelican Town is nice. It allows the player to go for a relaxing swim, refilling their health and energy without forcing them to go to sleep and end the day. While this is a really nice, unique mechanic in the game, but big swimming pool in the bath house doesn't exactly fit the aesthetic of the mountainous area of Pelican Town.

If you want the bath house to fit that area of the town a little better, check out Bath House Hot Spring, a mod that redesigns the bath house to look like a natural hot spring instead of a swimming pool. This mod only changes the aesthetics of the inside of the building, but it blends nicely with the art style of the game.

1 Enemies Health Bars

Facing off against enemies in the mine or in the desert can be pretty tough. It's especially tough since you can't really see their health, so you never know if you're close to defeating them or not. It may be tempting to run, but they drop such valuable items that we always want to battle against them anyway.

Enemies Health Bars is a mod for Stardew Valley that adds a health bar above each and every monster you have to battle against. It makes it so much easier to know how long it's going to take to defeat them!

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