Without a doubt, the confirmation of StarCraft Remastered‘s release date has plenty of real-time strategy aficionados practically champing at the bit in anticipation of being able to revisit the title with newly updated graphics and audio. Now, in order to further excite the title’s legions of fans, Blizzard has put out the first installment in a series of videos that explores the original game’s origins by looking back at the development process it underwent.

As seen below in the first episode in the video series entitled “Creating a Classic,” StarCraft Remastered fans are given the chance hear brief anecdotes from the development team’s alumni like Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime and his recollection of a frantic period wherein the company needed to speedily put together something to reveal at a show. This led to the studio rapidly assembling a cartoony prototype that’s incredibly different from the final version of the game that launched in 1998, as it was dubbed by many as “Orcs in Space.”

While the original StarCraft needed a lot of time to tweak and refine its gameplay formula in order to acquire its unique nature, fans looking forward to the remaster need not worry that Blizzard will mess with what made the title so great in the first place. As explained by the company’s Vice President of Technology Strategy and Planning, “We’re not trying to improve it, you can’t mess with perfection. But rather we’re bringing what was cutting edge in 1998 back to today’s standards in 2017.”

All things considered, Blizzard’s explanation of the game’s creation will likely evoke many fond memories in long-time StarCraft fans, as they will recall the countless hours spent online playing the original title and its Brood War expansion with friends and people from around the globe. With this surely being the case, there’s no reason to believe that StarCraft Remastered won’t sell lik hot cakes upon its launch next month.

StarCraft Remastered will be available for PC on August 14, 2017 from the Blizzard store.

Source: StarCraft – YouTube