Clean off your keyboard, because I’m not joking. Blizzard, those wily developers whom I assume require having “When it’s done” tattooed to one’s chest immediately upon employment, have done something a little out of character and given us a reasonably specific time-frame for the release of StarCraft II. In the newest BlizzCast, StarCraft II‘s production director Chris Sigaty had this to say, after the jump:

You haven’t asked this question yet, but I’ll answer it ahead of time. We were targeting three to five months for the beta, we’re really at a three month period of time for the beta at this point. We are still targeting the first half of this year, so with that in mind, it really shortens the window of time with our major content patch coming out pretty close to the end whether it’s even worth it putting out the map editor at that point.

I’ve read that statement over and over again, and it still makes me do a little personal dance to a phantom beat in my head. It is a shame that we may not see the map editor during the beta, but considering the polish of the mutiplayer game right now, it’s not too much of a disappointment. I know it has sometimes felt like over the past few years that this game would never be released or that Blizzard had lost its mojo, but rest assured, Blizzard is still the best at what they do. Any complaints that World of Warcraft has ruined them are completely unfounded.

How would I know that? Well, because I am currently rocking the beta and planting the Game Rant flag on the corpses of my fallen enemies. I will be putting up a few articles with my impressions soon, but I’ll tell you this: StarCraft II already feels like a retail release. It’s smooth, fun, and completely polished. And the new is quite a sight–overflowing with teases of how Blizzard is planning to integrate all future releases within its structure.

One last note: Keep an eye on the Game Rant twitter feed as I will be livestreaming StarCraft II at various times over the course of the beta (you can also follow me at I may not be the best player, but, hey, at least you can get some enjoyment out of watching me get stomped.

Source: BlizzCast Episode 13 [via StarCraftWire]