Fanfilm 'StarCraft: Final Metamorphosis' Fills In Gaps After The Brood War

StarCraft Final Metamorphosis

There’s still a little bit of a wait before the second installment of StarCraft II is off the shelves and in player’s hands, and that’s just a shame. Even the Heart of the Swarm trailer released during BlizzCon a few weeks ago may not be enough to sate the most diehard of StarCraft fans. We here at Game Rant understand your quandary, and are here to help.

To help give you something a little solid to hold onto, fansite StarCraft: Legacy in conjunction with Chris "Freespace" Ciocotisan have put together the final pieces of what is arguably one of the best works of cinematic fanfiction in the StarCraft universe. “StarCraft: Metamorphosis” is set to tell the tale — in no particular order- of Kerrigan’s rise to power as the Queen of Blades after StarCraft: Brood War. The video is something that any fan of the series should take the time and watch.


Taking pieces of lore from the books, games, and other sections of the extended universe, SC:L and Ciocotisan hope to bring together a smattering of collective pieces, with Metamorphosis being the second piece that Ciocotisan had finalized for the StarCraft universe.

Now that this project is out of the way, it’s only a matter of time before Ciocotisan is back at it again. With Wings of Liberty and source material like the Heart of the Swarm concept art to help get things rolling, it could be entirely possible that fans may see this kind of star-studded treatment in a post-Brood War fashion.

So let it be known that if you’re a very clever and creative CGI artist, who has the time and attention span to fill in some video game gaps, there is an audience out there. There’s no shame is showing off what you’ve created: big or small.

Did you watch "StarCraft: Final Metamorphosis"? What did you think?


Source: StarCraft: Legacy


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