Blizzard has No Intention of Buffing Zerg for 1v1 Matches in StarCraft 2

Starcraft 2 Protoss Zerg Clash

StarCraft 2 has been up and running for quite a bit now (check out our review) and at least three million people have played matches online. Terrans and Protoss are the top used races in the title, but what about the Zerg? According to the StarCraft 2 leaderboards, their use is minuscule when compared to the more technology heavy races, resulting in many players stating that the Zerg is underpowered in comparison.

StarCraft 2's lead producer Chris Sigaty responds to those players with a very appropriate argument. Interestingly enough, a patch was released this month that may have led to this response:

“You can go up and read on the forums at any one time and there are a bunch of different theories about balance and imbalance. We’re being very cautious about making large swinging changes right now because at the highest level things are actually very strong.

The things that we’ll probably be addressing are the 2v2 and larger scale games. Ultimately, the 1 to 1 is what we want to keep as sacred as possible, but as a result right now there are some things that we need to address in the 2v2 at the higher level. We’ll be looking at ways to do that without affecting the 1v1 balance.

I avoid playing Zerg as much as possible because I find them to be just more complex in general. Zerg, or rather larvae management is harder for me to deal with, so I don’t enjoy playing them as much."

An interesting response for sure, because that's Sigaty almost confirming an update that will no doubt boost Zerg effectiveness to a degree. That is pleasing to many fans, I'm sure, but for those who are interested in playing Zerg in 1v1 matches, it might not be enough. Balance in StarCraft 2 is incredibly precarious because those decisions must be made only with due consideration. While Blizzard does want to be able to please their fans, they must be diligent to avoid breaking their game in a way that would result fan distrust.

When I did dabble in StarCraft, I also found the Zerg to be incredibly complicated and a lot more to micromanage than Protoss or Terran. Yes, there are fans out there who probably swear by the insectoid race, but if I'm playing a game based in the super future, why would I forgo creating black holes and building amazing cruisers to storm bases with a large force?

Do you think changes need to be made in StarCraft 2, Ranters?

StarCraft 2 is available now on PC.

Source: Game Informer

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