StarCraft II Ghosts of the Past Trailer is Full of Nostalgia

StarCraft 2 Summer Release

The wait is almost over, StarCraft II's release is less than a week away and excitement for the game has reached critical mass. Still, there's a number of classic StarCraft fans wondering whether their $60 will buy them as much enjoyment as they garnered from the first game. Blizzard, sensing this attitude, has released a trailer designed specifically to speak to old school StarCraft fan's nostalgia.

Introducing the StarCraft II trailer Ghosts of the Past:


And what a trailer it is! We've known for a while now that Wings of Liberty was going to be a Terran-centric campaign, but there were not details on how prominent a role Jim Raynor would be playing. It's obvious now that Raynor is going to be the man in Wings of Liberty, still carrying all of that excess baggage he obtained in the original StarCraft and Brood War.

It would be a true drama without Kerrigan though, who makes quite the appearance in this trailer as well. The relationship between Raynor and Kerrigan steps into the forefront, promising a new level of drama between the Queen of Blades and the Terran Confederacy. The battle between the three main species may take a back seat to the battles the Terrans are having with themselves, again.

I have to say, this trailer has piqued my interest unlike any of the previous ones, nor the multiplayer beta as well. My interest has always been focused on the story from the original StarCraft and its expansion. Here's hoping they can recreate that experience all over again.

Does StarCraft II's storyline appeal to you, Ranters? Are you going to line up come July 27 and pick up your copy to see Jim Raynor's fate?

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