'StarCraft 2' Releases Three Official Mods

starcraft 2 official mods

Three new official StarCraft 2 mods have been released, 'Aiur Chef,' 'Left 2 Die,' and 'StarJeweled.' New things to do is always good news, even if StarCraft 2 acted as a pretty good time sink by itself between the single player and multiplayer elements already in the game. But with so many new games seemly releasing each week, giving gamers new and different gameplay options in a game they already own is one way to keep players engaged and involved with a product. That and continued bug fixes and support is also a good way to potentially attract even more new customers.

While these mods were available in beta form for a bit, their official release through the game's official site gives gamers a more polished, bug-free version and each also now comes with official achievements and avatars to unlock. Blizzard seems right up there with companies like Valve in knowing how to treat their customers right.

'Aiur Chef' is is categorized as a collection/cooking mod. It features a free-for-all mode, and supports up to eight players. In this mode, players gather and mix exotic ingredients in a cooking race against opponents. Players must choose their recipes carefully to achieve culinary dominance and be counted among the most hallowed chefs of Aiur.

'Left 2 Die' is a survival and siege game. It features cooperative and Night 2 Die modes and supports up to two players. In this mod, players work together with a partner, defend their base from onrushing zerg. Players must themselves from the relentless hordes during the night and build up their forces to strike back during the daytime.

Finally, 'StarJeweled' is a puzzle strategy mod and can be played solo vs. A.I., co-op vs. A.I., or player vs. player. This mod supports up to four players. Here, players pit their puzzle-solving talents against their opponent's. Players must match jewels to generate resources -- and spend them to attack with StarCraft 2 units, countering your adversary's forces and destroying their base.

These three mods give gamers a nice bit of variety in gameplay and game types and show you just what type of maps can be created by the community using the StarCraft 2 Editor. Are you interested in any or all of the mods? Which mod do you think looks the most interesting and which do you think looks the worst? What mod are you hoping becomes an official StarCraft 2 mod down the line? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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