There’s no doubt that whenever someone thinks about StarCraft, they probably think about Korea at some point.

The Country is the hub of StarCraft tournaments, which makes a recent announcement by the Korean Game Rating Board a devastating blow. The board has decided to give StarCraft 2 an Adults-Only rating – citing “violence, foul language and depiction of drug use.” Blizzard is most certainly reeling from the setback.

The game, which received a teen rating in the US (just like the first one), will now either need to undergo a series of changes to lower the rating, or will certainly take a large hit in sales as a result.

The Korean Game Rating Board had given previous beta versions of StarCraft 2 a 15 + plus rating. In regards to the higher rating, a spokesperson from the rating board stated:

“Considering that the [Retail Copy] version of the game is closer to what will be sold on the shelves compared to the beta versions, we looked more carefully at the content. However, this rating is not final, as Blizzard will get the chance to object to it.”

Blizzard has 30 days to file an appeal, but has given no indication they intend to do so.

It’s certainly a blow to the StarCraft industry in Korea which, just this week, was stirring up excitement via their Korean Air commercials.

What do you think of the Adults Only rating given to StarCraft 2? Do you think Blizzard will appeal?

Source: Korea Times via 1Up