Starcraft II's Patch 1.1 Releasing in September, Contains Significant Balance Changes

Starcraft II Patch 1.3.3

Even though StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is one month old, the team over at Blizzard is not resting on their laurels. They are already working hard on their first patch for the game, which is due out by the middle of September. Patch 1.1 will contain a number of improvements including additional mod features, editor improvements, and bug fixes.

In additional to adding the Standard (US) hotkey options for all regions, the patch will include several significant balance changes:

  • Friendly units will no longer provide vision after being killed.
  • Destructible rocks will be added to the Desert Oasis map to make natural expansions easier to protect.
  • Protoss:
    • The build time is being increased from 33 to 38 seconds, and the warpgate cooldown is being increased from 23 to 28 seconds. This should help increase the window players have to scout for and fend off zealot rushes.
    • The build time for reapers is being increased from 40 to 45 seconds, and the bunker build time is also being increased.
    • They felt siege tanks in large numbers are performing too well in all matchups.  The seige mode damage of siege tanks is being decreased from 50 to 35, +15 armored vs. armored; to correspond with this, damage upgrades will be changed from +5 to +3, +2 vs. armored. This is to allow a small set of light and unarmored ground units to perform better against siege tanks.
    • The team also believed battlecruisers were too strong for their cost, and that the terran-forced stalemate situations were causing less interesting gameplay. Thus the damage against ground units is being lowered from 10 to 8.
    • Ultralisk damage is being decreased, to make it comparable to the changes being made to the battlecruiser and siege tank. Ultralisks were simply too powerful for the cost. Also, they are difficult to counter from the ground.The Ultralisk building attack (Ram) is being removed, since the damage rate is too similar from its normal attack.

    I love how hard Blizzard is working to improve their game. As successful as they already are, they could certainly stand to downshift at some point. However, they never seem to let up. As stated on their blog, they are actively reading the forums and creating lists of features and bugs for future patches. Their plans include the enhancement of social features with the addition of chat channels. The team's long-term plans include more ways to further evolve the custom game experience.

    “As with all of our previous games, we will support StarCraft II for many years to come.”

    It's no surprise that Blizzard continues to be successful, considering how classy they continue to be. Great games, great support, great value- they constantly strive to improve the gameplay experience. Although Patch 1.1 is on the way, I can’t wait to see what Blizzard does in future updates.

    So, Ranters, what do you think of this upcoming patch for StarCraft II, and what do you think Blizzard should include in future updates?

    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is available now for the PC.

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