StarCraft 2: Overwatch's D.Va Joins Game as Announcer

Overwatch Dva StarCraft 2 Announcer

Overwatch fan favorite character D.Va is coming to StarCraft 2 as an announcer, becoming the first non-StarCraft lore character to do so.

Blizzard fans are likely very familiar with Hana "D.Va" Song, the fan favorite mech pilot from Overwatch. Those who are familiar with her backstory already know she has a deep connection with StarCraft, and today Blizzard has made the most of the logical tie-in: D.Va is officially joining StarCraft 2 as an announcer.

The D.Va Announcer Pack will be available for purchase alongside six of the first announcer pack additions to the game, which includes StarCraft staples like Jim Raynor, Artanis, Kerrigan, Swann, Alarak, and Abathur. While the latter items are a free additional reward type included in the upcoming 3.7 patch, the bonus appearance of D.Va will come at an as-yet-undetermined price.

Blizzard made sure to mention that D.Va would be the first announcer who's origin didn't lie directly within the StarCraft series, although as previously mentioned, her character's history is deeply entwined with the RTS. As per Blizzard, before D.Va was busy defending her country in Overwatch she was the #1 ranked StarCraft player in the world by the age of 16, and went undefeated in 3 years – lofty ambitions many StarCraft players frequently try to emulate.

Starcraft 2 Whispers of Oblivion

While the actual release date for the D.Va announcer pack wasn't confirmed by Blizzard, the developer did state that it would be released within the coming weeks, so fans shouldn't have too long of a wait ahead. In the meantime, one can always attempt to play Overwatch using bananas instead of a controller.

Promotional announcer packs are becoming more and more of a regular entity, with games like DOTA 2 and League of Legends including items like a Fallout Mr. Handy announcer pack, or even Justin Roiland voicing Rick and Morty. In terms of Overwatch characters jumping over into other games, D.Va was already beaten to the punch by Tracer, who may have started a mass migration of Overwatch characters into Heroes of the Storm. We wouldn't entirely rule out characters like Tracer making the jump over to StarCraft 2, depending on how fans react to the addition of D.Va.

BlizzCon will take place from November 4-5 this year, and attendees of convention (including digital ticket holders) will also get an exclusive D.Va portrait for use within StarCraft 2. We're sure there'll be plenty more Blizzard news items pouring out from the convention when it takes place.

What do you think about D.Va being a StarCraft 2 announcer, Ranters? Do you think more Overwatch characters will arrive as announcers?

Source: Blizzard

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