Blizzard May Be Teasing ‘StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void’

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StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty was a phenomenal game, and the Heart of the Swarm expansion was able to replicate and continue the high-octane experience, leaving expectations high for the third and final segment of the game, Legacy of the Void. News on the Protoss-themed expansion has been kept largely under wraps by Blizzard, though they acknowledged that they’ve been working on perfecting the story for over a year now.

Blizzard may finally be ready to show off the final expansion for StarCraft 2, as they’ve been subtly releasing a series of sound bites that are certainly StarCraft related.

The two short audio clips released so far have appeared on the official StarCraft 2 Soundcloud page, which appears to only exist for these sound clips in particular. The first sound clip is full of intense Zerg sounds, explosions, and – dare we say it – what might actually be a Protoss Reaver. The Reaver was a unit from the original game which never saw a return in the second, but seeing as Legacy of the Void centers around the Protoss race, it would be a great deal of fan service to bring the popular unit back, even if just in the campaign.

The second audio clip is far less straight-forward, and we wouldn’t venture a guess as to what it might be. Check the audio clips out below:

The surfacing of these audio clips is likely no random happenstance, as Blizzcon 2014 is set to go underway this week in Anaheim. A StarCraft 2 panel is scheduled for Friday afternoon, where more details from Legacy of the Void are expected to be revealed. With Project Titan canned, Blizzard needs to bring some newness for fans to get excited about, and expansions for StarCraft 2 and Hearthstone would be very welcome – alongside a potential re-release of Warcraft 3 and another entirely new game if rumors are true.

The clips are sequentially titled ‘See’ and ‘You’, which makes it obvious a third clip entitled ‘Soon’ will pop up ahead of BlizzCon. Given that the first two clips were spaced a few days apart, we expect to see the final clip around Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Since it’ll likely be the final clip, it may actually reveal a confirmation that these sound bites are indeed meant for Legacy of the Void.

The StarCraft series is now over 16 years old, and is still one of the top eSports titles of all-time thanks to a very active fanbase and a dedicated community of competition organizers. Blizzard has done a great job patching the multiplayer to keep the game well-balanced, and the final game will potentially bring the exciting conflict between Kerrigan, Amon, and Raynor to a close – as well as settling the fate of the entire Protoss race itself.

What do you think, Ranters? Did you notice anything else in particular from the audio clips?

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