For all of you RTS fans who’ve had to go months without the slightest word or detail on the upcoming StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, it seems your hopes have paid off. It may not be an extensive look at gameplay, or even story developments, but the first teaser for the game has been leaked online, so we’d suggest you take a look sooner rather than later.

News on StarCraft 2 has been hard to come by since the game launched, with the next installment of the three-part game at the top of every Blizzard fan’s list of demands.

Fans have had to subsist on the official SC2 mods in lieu of another batch of missions, but a sign that Heart of the Swarm really is on its way has arrived, and not a minute too soon. We previously brought you the leaked ending cinematic to the Zerg’s portion of the story – filled to the brim with spoilers – but this latest teaser is safe viewing for those who wish to be surprised when the game launches.

It’s likely that this trailer won’t stay online for long, so take a look while you still can. We’ll do our best to keep the trailer updated:


The teaser certainly doesn’t show much, besides some typical action and the apparent importance of “finding Kerrigan.” We couldn’t really hope to see anything more, but it’s nice to see that Blizzard hasn’t completely forgotten about the franchise. We listed the game as one of our most anticipated for 2011, but it’s already seeming like the game won’t make it to release before the new year.

A delay isn’t unheard of from the developer, but for what it’s worth, they have promised that if either Diablo 3 or Heart of the Swarm don’t make it to customers by 2011, then they both will be arriving in 2012. We don’t want to be accused of pessimism, but with so few updates on development for both, it’s looking like a 2012 release is almost a certainty.

Hopefully this trailer – although leaked – is a sign that the marketing for StarCraft 2 is on the way, since the RTS genre is in need of some Blizzard love. Whenever they decide to open up about the upcoming expansion, we’ll bring you the details.

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm is tentatively scheduled for a late 2011/2012 release for the PC and Mac.