'Star Wars: X-Wing' & 'Tie Fighter' Getting Digital Re-Release

Star Wars X-Win Coming to GOG

It may be another year or so until the next wave of Star Wars games hit, but fans will be able to enjoy some of the classic SW titles very soon. That's thanks to a new partnership between and Disney that is set to bring some 30 games to the digital distribution platform.

For right now, though, GOG is only prepared to reveal that both Star Wars: X-Wing and Star Wars: TIE Fighter are slated to hit their virtual storefronts soon. Each game will retail for $9.99 and will carry no DRM restrictions.

Both titles were classics back in their day, and many developers have tried to duplicate their success. But, very few games have been able to come close to replicating the X-Wing and TIE Fighter experience. Now gamers won't need to worry about alternates or imitators.

But wait, there's more. Both TIE-Fighter and X-Wing will come as Special Editions, meaning the previously released expansions will be included. For X-Wing that means Imperial Pursuit and B-Wing, and for TIE-Fighter that means Defender of the Empire is included.

Good Old Games was supposed to announce their partnership with Disney on Tuesday, but unfortunately some clever forum digging pulled up the details a day early. But rather than hide it, the digital distributor came forward to say, "You got me."

Star Wars Tie Fighter Re Release

Unfortunately, GOG has yet to reveal when either of the games will hit their digital distribution platform, only that they are coming. That in and of itself, though, is a big deal because Star Wars: TIE-Fighter and X-Wing have never been available outside of their DOS releases in the '90s.

LucasArts fans also have other classic titles to look forward to in the future as part of this new partnership. We know that about 30 games in total will be available on, among which include Sam & Max, The Secret of Monkey Island, and Star Wars: Knights of the Republic.

Which classic LucasArts title would you like to see reborn on GOG? Were you a fan of X-Wing or TIE-Fighter when they originally released?

Source: GOG

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